What Really is Sustainable Tourism & Why Is It Important?

A commendable progress and recovery of the global tourism sector post the Covid-19 pandemic is great news to sector players and nations generally. It is, however, a no brainier that quenching the wanderlust millions have held on to over the two years of the pandemic comes with an inevitable strain on the environment and other […]

Amazing Places I Have Visited in Uganda

In a country so richly blessed with abundant wildlife, spectacular physical features, never ending natural phenomena and the most favourable weather, regardless of when you decide to travel to or around Uganda, there will always be something grand for you to explore. While some attractions are more evenly distributed in some regions than others, each […]

Top Tour activities Uganda’s tourist destinations offer

Uganda is endowed with a variety of physical features, wildlife spread across all regions of the country and a perfect blend of climate that complements the existing national parks, waterfalls, various types of forests, hot springs, mountains, rivers and lakes. All these present opportunities for hundreds of activities to do while in Uganda as listed […]

The Trend for Female Focused Tour & Travel Companies in Uganda

The tourism sphere in Uganda, more than ever before, is embracing female players in a range of roles and the timing couldn’t be more right for all the women and girls spreading their wings to explore the opportunities and chase careers in the tourism space. Apart from operating food stalls, selling souvenirs and hawking other […]