Top Services from Great Explorers Safaris Uganda

Adventure Safaris

Get a chance to collect memories and live the life of your dreams by booking with our agency to design for you the perfect trips for your adventure. There are number of adventure activities that you can enjoy and your loved ones, the menu is big to be exhausted. Some our adventure activities to check out.

Leisure Travel Vacations

Great Explorers Safaris prides in organizing some of the most memorable safaris tours to maximize your relaxation during your leisure vacations. Our creative marketing always focuses on designing activities that create a beautiful environment of pleasure and leave you with a story to tell generations. Our services under the leisure travel vacations include.


Nothing creates satisfaction like sense of conserving environment for future generations. Great Explorers prides in ensuring that our clients travel with a purpose.  The major eco- friendly activities organized by our team include game drives, nature and community walks, in doing so we give our clients chance to partake in wildlife conservation programs, sustainable     development, community involvement and philanthropic efforts. We also that in our eco-safaris itineraries promote nature lodges that who actively partake in wildlife conservation through the establishment of their own conservation training programs or anti-poaching units.

Family Holiday Safaris

A family Safaris is perfect opportunity to expose your children to nature and wild life which really exciting. Uganda has fantastic array of wildlife within the national parks to keep children occupied, activities such as trekking can also keep them entertained. Out team at Great explorer’s focuses on designing inclusive itineraries that are tailored to keep the excitement of being in the wild and the same we focus on making the all experience of being on safaris so interactive. Please book with us for great deals.


White Water Rafting

Make your day count with booking with our agency to design for you a trip to raft on the world’s longest river. This is one of the most adventurous safaris to make in Africa. We ensure that our clients have enough adventure but with safety as a priority. We work with a team of experienced professional rafters to ensure that your curiosities are satisfied.

Honey Moon holiday Safaris

For most newlyweds, your honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime. Sure, you may end up taking bigger or wilder trips down the road, probably with your growing family, but the first post-wedding getaway is epic. It sets the tone for the adventures you will have in future and providing memories of lifetime. We always design itineraries that aim at making our clients want to stay on the money forever. We always enure that all our activities are aimed at creating romantic memories to usher you into life of love.

Mountain Climbing

Hike with us to some of the highest mountains in Africa, that’s Mt Rwenzori and Mt Elgon. Great Explorers safaris ensure that its clients are filled with happiness and get opportunity to discover the unseen by their eyes. Book with us for a memorable mountain climbing adventure trip.

Bird Watching

With about 1073 bird species, Uganda is one of the prime birding destinations in Africa and the world at large. Are you a nature lover or bird enthusiast, book with us to organize your trip to explorer some of the beautiful birds in Uganda. We ensure our itineraries designed focus on giving you a wide arena to adventure in the field of birding.

Gorilla Trekking

Half of the world’s mountains Gorillas are found in the Bwindi Impentratable forest in western part of Uganda. The forest also labors a great deal of other animal species like mountain elephants that can will give a you a test of braveness. Book with us to organize for a memorable trip to trek the famous endangered mountain gorillas.

Chimpanzee Trekking

These apes are the closest relatives to humans sharing 98% of human DNA. We give our clients to trek these great apes and watch them go about their business in the Jungle. Great deals are always organized by our team for clients, when designing itineraries the ensure that a client center to give them value for their money.



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